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The Lincoln Heritage Institute is a public policy/public education organization established to promote individual and states’ rights, a free-market economy, and a modest role for the federal government.

Big government is not simply the size of the budget or the number of federal programs; it is the degree to which the federal government interjects itself into our daily lives. We at the Lincoln Heritage Institute cannot stand idly by and allow burdensome and intrusive government regulations, destructive environmental activism, the erosion of personal rights, an abusive tax code, threats to national security, the growing centralization of power in the federal government, and a failing public education system to become an accepted way of life in America.

We have as our purpose, through public education, the revitalization and preservation of our traditional political, social, commercial, and legal environment in which the only limits to achievement are individual ability and the willingness to expend the needed effort.

We conduct public policy research on such issues as environmental regulation, property rights, public education, foreign policy, domestic resources, energy, the role of government, privatization of government services, the federal deficit, sovereignty of the American people, and taxes. We believe the most effective way to promote individual liberties is through the stimulation of public debate, an active program of public education, and the development of individual knowledge and political skills.

In order to accomplish our goals, the Institute has developed unique, innovative, and practical programs and services, including the Guardian Award and Lincoln Log News & Views.

The Guardian Award is the Institute’s way of calling attention to America’s heroes and honoring those individuals that stand up for freedom, many times in the face of personal jeopardy. Categories of the award include: government officials; journalism; literature; law and justice; private sector commerce; and education.

The Lincoln Log News & Views is an e-mail news and opinion service, which highlights featured articles on the LHI home page.

We are significantly increasing our ability to positively impact the general public, opinion leaders, and policy makers. We intend to utilize all of the resources at our disposal to preserve and improve liberty, human dignity, and the traditional values that have made America the envy of the entire world.

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